Man is a social animal because he moves, communicates, interact and associate with one another.  According to Karl Marx human beings are intrinsically social beings who cannot survive or meet their needs without social co-operation and association. Social science is a course designed to study man and how he interact and affect his society. it is a field of study concerned with the study, prediction, and understanding of humans and their interactions in society, based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation. This area of study includes sociology, geography, political science, economics, psychology, pubic administration, mass communication etc.


1.      The course is aimed at introducing to students the disciplines in the social sciences

2.       To reveal the anthropocentric nature of man.

3.      To inculcate to students the application and principles of the various disciplines in the social sciences and how they influence the human society.

To equip the students with the ability to apply basic analytical tools and methodologies in the analysis of social structure, relationships and social processes

This course is made up of 12 topics which are to be taken at both the General lecture level and at a Seminar Level. The topics are:

The Universe of the Social Sciences

Research Methods in the Social Sciences

Sociology and Anthropology: Basic Concepts and Theories

Religion in Contemporary African Society